After reading and following the startup space for a long time, I have come to two rather obvious conclusions:

  1. Making a product that people will use is hard.
  2. Making a product that people will stop at nothing to have is much harder.

Both aren’t impossible. I have a list of companies that do both of these things extremely well.

All of these companies have figured out who the right customers are in their early stages. Further more, they have been able to talk to these customers to figure out if their product is something people want.

Talking to customers is the major starting point of most startup resources. Everyone makes it sound so easy.

Write code and
Talk to customers

It is the mantra of Y-Combinator. So how do you find the first set of customers that you want to talk to? And how do you know they are the right customers?

Can you tell if they are giving you feedback that applies to your product or if they just aren’t the correct target?

I’ve asked a few different people this and it feels like there isn’t a straight forward answer. More to come on this.